Why Hire a Professional?


Why hire a professional wedding DJ? Well, you're about to find out!

The DJ at your wedding can either make or break your entire reception. Some people are not even aware and doesn't know of all the very important things that a great DJ does!  They actually control the flow of your entire reception, and they keep everyone, your guests and the other vendors in the loop as to what is going on and what important events are coming up. Behind the scenes, they're communicating with and coordinating all of your major events, like the start of the dinner service, the first dance, the toasts and cake cutting.  These things just does not happen by chance. A Professional Wedding DJ will have spoken to the Caterer, the Photographer and the wedding coordinator before making these announcements to make sure everyone is ready to go. An example would be if the DJ announces the cake cutting and the photographer has the couple taking pictures, this obviously is not going to happen right then and can be very confusing and disorganized for your guests and other vendors.  A professional DJ has much more experience with this than you realize. It's not just about playing music for your ceremony or reception. It's about knowing their sound equipment, the acoustics of the venue where the reception is, and also being a professional public speaker for your reception. The best MC are ones able to tell your love story to your guests.

They also have a vast amount of knowledge when it comes to music. They are able to read the crowd and play the most appropriate music to get everyone dancing. The Professional DJ can energize your event at just the right times if there are possible lags.  A professional DJ will also be reliable, dressed appropriately, have access to back up equipment if necessary, and also back up DJ's if there is an accident or emergency.
There are many wedding disasters with non-professional DJ's on YouTube if you're not convinced!  

Hoku Entertainment is a very dependable and professional Wedding DJ Service here in the Honolulu, Hawaii area.



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